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Many children/schools do not have the resources to attend such a centre - so if you feel the need to sponsor a group/children/school or creche, PLEASE CONTACT US...


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To me, Marga Davis, (Outdoor) Education is such an important part of growing up, that this project lies very close to my heart. So, through our travels, we try and spend the monies given, to institutes, who have so little!

Five areas of development for young people

1. In Education

Education should provide young people with the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to equip them for the tasks and responsibilities of adult life. Outdoor adventurous experiences as part of the wider curriculum help to identify and develop those personal qualities essential to the education of the whole person, and also provide an important spiritual dimension. They strengthen self-confidence, improve relationships and encourage good judgement. As a result, young people are better able to develop the values, skills and understanding which will help them towards responsible adulthood.

2. In the Social Context

Many young people become disengaged from learning and society, fail to achieve their full potential, and are at risk of being involved in drugs misuse and crime, or even opting out permanently. The Government’s Connexions Strategy to address youth disaffection recognises the contribution outdoor adventurous experiences can make to motivating these young people, developing their social skills and reconnecting them to learning and their community. Furthermore, such experiences encourage a responsible attitude to excitement and risk.

3. In Business

The CBI and others have identified those personal qualities essential to employment; in 1998, along with numeracy and literacy, they were regarded as even more important than qualifications. The ability to work as part of a team, communication and interpersonal skills are of central importance, as are the ability to cope with change and uncertainty, considerateness, self-confidence, initiative, drive and integrity. Many employers regard structured outdoor adventurous activities as the most effective way to develop these qualities.

4. In the environment

Outdoor and adventurous activities provide a special opportunity to assist young people to explore their surroundings, and to appreciate the finely-balanced relationships between humanity and the total eco-system. Such direct experiences help them to develop a stronger affinity for their surroundings, to achieve a better understanding of the need for sustainability, and to manage responsibly their own relationship with the environment in which they live and work.

5. In sport and recreation

A sense of adventure is natural to young people. Outdoor adventure can become a route through which they may be introduced to a wide range of physically and aesthetically rewarding sports, both competitive and non competitive. Adventurous activities may be pursued at any level of difficulty, allow for progression from foundation level to excellence, and are well-suited to lifelong participation. They encourage active and healthy lifestyles, benefiting each individual and society.TOP