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Zimbabwe Schools

Zimbabwe Schools

  • Breakfast Primary Matetsi - Zimababwe 2010

    Breakfast Primary Matetsi - Zimababwe 2010
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  • 2013 Breakfast Primary

    2013 Breakfast Primary
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* Matetsi Village - We visited several rural villages in Zimbabwe, including a small village in Zimbabwe’s Matetsi region. Here we were taken by a local into a little school. The children and teachers, we met there moved us so much. Many are orphans who lost their parents due to AIDS. Most get only one meal a day, cooked at the school and they are taught in squalid conditions. An old shop, that was bombed out in the war, is now their classroom. In hard times, the teachers, who came every day to teach, did not receive a salary for up to 6 months. This little school,(S18 17.223 E25 56.501) is on the north west of Whange. They are in need of everything you could possibly think of!